Provenant is a Qualified vLEI Issuer (QVI). This means that we are officially enrolled in GLEIF's program for issuing these important credentials, and we have committed to be bound by the terms of the vLEI Governance Framework. We can help your organization begin to use its LEI in new digital contexts.If you are interested in working with us, please contacts usand we'll reply with application materials and instructions.


Initial Issuance
Standard Entity - Legal Entity vLEI
300 USD
Standard Entity - OOR vLEI
200 USD
Sole proprietorship or small business - Legal Entity vLEI
200 USD
Sole proprietorship OOR vLEI
200 USD
Hosted Wallets
Cold (start/stop on demand), Support included
100 USD / year
Hot (always on), Support included
400 USD / year
Renewals & Bundles
Small business bundle LE vLEI, 1 OOR vLEI, 1 Cold hosted wallet, Support
200 USD / year
Enterprise bundle LE vLEI, up to 5 OOR vLEIs, up to 10 Cold hosted wallet, Support
1000 USD / year

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