Our Vision

Our Vision

At Provenant, we believe that authentic, end-verifiable digital communications are essential for protecting both consumers and brands from these threats. That's why we developed our "Origin" solution, which uses zero-trust authentication to ensure that only verifiable enterprises and their authorized representatives are able to originate communications on their behalf.

By publishing end-verifiable key state, Provenant provides a transparent solution for telecommunications providers to verify the identity of any business communicating with their customers. Using Origin, brands can protect their customers from the damaging effects of electronic impersonation and maintain the security and integrity of their own communications.

Origin provides an indispensable tool for enterprises looking to securely project their identity across their digital communications, protect their customers from robocalls and spam, and achieve compliance with relevant regulations.

Meet the team

Randy Warshaw Bio
Randy Warshaw
Co-Founder & CEO

20 year telecom veteran. Invented Kontxt AI platform for messaging spam/fraud detection (2 Billion+ messages daily). Former GM for Metcalf SMS platform, used by Syniverse to deliver over 10 Trillion messages.

Timothy Ruff Bio
Timothy Ruff
Co-Founder & Advisor

GP, Digital Trust Ventures. Former CEO, Evernym. Co-inventor, Sovrin. Initiatives launched by Timothy have sold more than $1 billion since 2000.

Dr. Samuel Smith Bio
Dr. Samuel Smith
Co-Founder & Advisor

Architect of Sovrin, the prevalent SSI architecture. Inventor of KERI (ledgerless SSI). Expert in AI, ML, and autonomous reasoning.

Daniel Hardman Bio
Daniel Hardman

CTO/CISO - Evernym. Principle Ecosystem Engineer at SICPA. Technical Ambassador - Hyperledger. Technical Governance Board - Sovrin Foundation. Software Architect - Symantec.

Ruth Choueka Bio
Ruth Choueka
VP Engineering

15+ years managing dev for Metcalf, the largest global inter-carrier SMS platform and Kontxt, the leading AI platform for SMS spam detection and analytics.