means having instant and cryptographically verifiable:


Who (or what) originated the communication


Any additional attributes, such as the right to use the number, an approved campaign ID, etc.


Proof it hasn't been tampered with, revoked, or expired since origination.

Digital Communication

means SMS, Voice, RCS and more.

Any originators of communications — and any downstream verifiers of communications — can use Provenant or any other vendor, product, or service to achieve Authentic Digital Communications, provided they utilize the same underlying protocols for Universal Secure Attribution.

Universal Secure Attribution

Provenant builds atop Universal Secure Attribution to enable Authentic Digital Communications.


Who (or what) originated a digital thing


Instant cryptographic verifiability


Anyone or anything, anywhere, can verify authenticity

The Building Blocks of Universal Secure Attribution

These buildings blocks combine to enable fully decentralized, Universal Secure Attribution for all things digital, both in transit and at rest. They rely on proven, existing asymmetric cryptography and not on blockchain or new or untested technologies.

Precisely how Provenant builds on Universal Secure Attribution to enable Authentic Digital Communication is the subject of papers and presentations being written now, and will be described fully with the imminent public release of our signing and verification platform, Origin.

Building Blocks Universal Secure Attribution

Incrementality, Compatibility and Zero Trust

Implement incrementally
Compatible with STIR/SHAKEN protocols
Compatible with x.509 Certificates
Compatible with verifiability of sanctioned messaging
Brings Zero Trust Architecture to telecommunications

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